Red Run Golf Club

Red Run's reputation as one of the finest golf courses in the Midwest was established soon after its founding in 1914. Well over a century later, that commitment to the game, its traditions, and its values remain. The course is renowned for combining challenge and playability as the immaculately-kept grounds have remained true to its original Willie Park, Jr. design.

While it is known for being home to many exceptional golfers and highly competitive play, it is also ideal for a casual foursome with friends, playing with the kids or hosting business opportunities. 

While golf is the centerpiece, Red Run offers far more to players and non-players alike. As Royal Oak has changed through the generations, so too has the club, which is a modern and relaxed hub of social activity. It focuses on providing the facilities, activities and community that so many are seeking. It is a place to build friendships, disconnect from the daily grind and find the moments for timeless pursuits — early morning games of tennis, long afternoons with the kids at the pool and lively winter nights at our private pub.

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