Nonprofit Spotlight

A note from Paula Kast from the Believe in Miracles Foundation to thank Meadowbrook Country Club for their EFC grant award:
“I wanted to update you on the wishes made true through your generous grant to our organization. Your grant not only helped 9-year-old Ameer from Detroit, but also helped 14-year-old Cambri. Both received a shopping spree wish in December. Both of their moms were so emotional. Ameer's mom said it was the only thing that made him smile, and she hadn't seen his smile in a long time. Cambri's mom said this is the only Christmas gift she would receive. Both were overjoyed and very thankful.
Sadly Ameer's illness progressed in the last month and I received news he passed away last week. His mom was very thankful for the gaming system he purchased and all the hours he spent enjoying it with his friends. Many blessings to all of you for the work that you do in supporting so many children in need!”
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ameer’s family for their loss. 
For more details Jenna Kast Believe in Miracles visit their website at:
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